You might also want to check out the following: The price of the OS is not factored in yet. Strolling around Cyberzone at SM Megamall, I noticed that prices of Celeron-powered laptops have dropped considerably. Has anyone experienced the same on Ubuntu-powered portables? Yes I think it is ridiculously priced. The processors are different.

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And if you live in the Philippines, you are immediately at a disadvantage — laptops here are relatively expensive as compared to the prices in the United States. Not sure about a Philippine release date.

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So, as of now, I will not be getting an Asus eee PC. I am currently entertaining the idea of getting a laptop, and as an academic exercise, I began looking for the right laptop at the right price. Compare 16G with a cheap Acer Aspirepriced at Php 29, Intel Celeron M 1. Finally, comments by laptop users are also considered.

I am not sure if the workaround will work, since Ubuntu and Debian-based Linux is needed. Prices are current as of this posting, subject to change without prior notice. The major consideration was the processor. So, an external optical drive is additional expense, so add Php 4, to the total price.


Amazon lists the following specs:. Now if only the price in the Philippines is not as ridiculous as it is now.

You may also want to visit MyProductAdvisor. For the record, here is the official specs from HP Compaq.

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Acer has just announced its Gemstone Bluean upgrade to its Gemstone laptop series. Strolling around Cyberzone at SM Megamall, I noticed that prices of Celeron-powered laptops have dropped considerably. Also, I checked if enough support exists for the laptop for example, driver downloads. Its appeal is on its size and price.

HP has released today its competing product to Asus eee PC. The processors are different.

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Yes I think it is ridiculously priced. I think it is ridiculously priced. HP Press release here. For what purpose will you use the alan Another friend told me Acer is OK.

I listed down those laptops whose price I am comfortable with — if I can comfortably pay for the monthly installment without seeing myself going bankrupt in case Gloria Arroyo finally managed not to mask the true state of the economy.


Shopping for a laptop, 3 or how getting one can screw you up Shopping for a laptop, 2 Shopping for a laptop. One distributor offers it at Php39,while another prices it at Php Sure, under WinXP, it heats up, too, but for laidback use like Web browsing and music, the heat is minimal. Proudly powered by WordPress Theme nuwhite by Mkhuda. Amazon lists the following specs: The one with confusing specs?

I think this is a steal.

Aspire G and Gand both are due next month. It also carries 5 integrated speakers for true 5. Want to listen to relatively-unknown artists?