What is my password? Select a product below and find answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions. Printer should advance a few blank labels, and then give two diagnostic labels. Set the Port for “Internal” if using the internal ethernet card. Press F1 while using NetManager for the manual. If this happens, the keypad needs to have its software reloaded.

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Check the supply loading section of the Operator’s Handbook for additional information.

When this code appears, press “escape” and the label will print as much information as possible on 9461 label. PS Utility Version 3. This printer has a center justified die cut and black mark sensor.

Call customer service to order a new printhead. Previous versions used to underline the character.

Make sure supply roll is secure. All parameters on the Host and Printer’s Serial ports must match exactly.


Monarch Legacy Utilities | Avery Dennison

Try a new power supply. Set the Port for “Internal” if using the internal ethernet card. Worldwide Avery Dennison Websites. The following parameters may be used when setting up your outqueue: Press the right arrow to display Port settings.


Reset the ethernet card by holding in the button on the card for at least 60 seconds. Verify you have the correct supplies loaded in the printer. Make sure all parameters on match exactly. MPCL Toolbox contains a feature to update printers: Send equipment in for service to: Make sure that the cable is pressed all the way in.

This printer should have a volt AC power supply. If it is not, make sure the light is green on the printer and cycle the power on the keypad. Verify 94416 communication values are set px follows: Send the printer AND its power supply to the address at the end of this document.

Make sure the pins in the cable are no bent. Make sure the black mark sensor is not gummed up or covered by a label. The first number should be Make sure both release buttons on the top cover are latched.


My printer is printing light. If using theverify that you have a fully charged battery or that it is plugged into a known good outlet. NetManager also supports earlier versions of our Ethernet cards previously viewed only with MonarchNet. Some printers only support one type of supply indexing method. Monaarch number 2 for calibration instructions. Create a custom application on the PDA platform E. Download the file to your computer and double click to run the application.

Place the printer in the original box and secure with packaging material.