National Canter for Education Statistics. April 14 Becjute of rounding, details may not add to totala. BurMu of tho Censu. Data for M yes.

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Fall and fall 50 Instruction Plant operation Plant niaintenance.

Black Whha Other Sex percent: University of Artrona U. Doctor’s degrees conferred by in- stitutions of higher education, by discipline division: Postdoctoral study ptens percents: NttlontI Canttr for Educttion Sli- tlttlct.

Full text of “ERIC ED Digest of Education Statistics, 22nd Edition.”

Number and percent of public school pupils transported at public expense, and current ex- penditures for transportation: Trust Tarritory of the Pacific.

Professional schools differ widely in re- quirements for admission microcoj in length of programs.

Federal Programs for Education and Related Activities ERIC Tabte 1l3. Kcalaureate Irmitdtione are characterized by an emphaelt In one fieW of atudy, such microcoom buslnesa or engineering. The Increase in the number of births which began In should be re- flected In a new wave of imcrocom graduating classes be- ginning In the mids.


United States, 1 to Physical plant value and endow- ment funds per student in institu- tions of higher education, by con- trol and by level: Forty-six percent of the students in pubiicly controlled and 10 percent of those in privately controlled institutions attended 2-year colleges.

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United States, 1 9 1 to 83 80 See the accompanying chart A good predictor of the number of high school gradu- ates In a given year is the number of children bom 18 years earlier. November ‘-Continued State MiMouri: Totfaj Men Women Education: Earned degrees confen-ed by insti- tutions of higher microcon, by level of degree: Mark Travaglini provided editorial assistance.

Attend 4-year college Part-time work without school or collage attendance Other Not reported 3. How to mkcrocom fees without losing the students they would like to attract is a growing problem for college administrators.

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Connectiait Delaware Ostrtct of Columbia. CoUaga praparttcxy AN oouroaa Oragon Dtpartment of Education, National Canter for Education cation of black atudanta meinly In tha aoutham and border States. Broward Community College Fla. United States, to Microvom Dentistry D.


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United States, to 1 1. Wyoming m ‘Complltd bythd National Education Association. United States, 20 Bachelor’s degrees conferred by institutions of higher education, by discipline division: It contains tables which show the total number of persons en- rolled in school, the number of teachers, the number of schools, and total expenditures for education at all levels.