VeryGood Game console reliability: These work but they are still rather poor. Not tested Your Burning comments: LiteOn s s CS09 Burning reliability: Daytek P Works fine on: Silver Lite Green Media packing:

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Not tested Your Burning comments: Pearl Dye Colour Bottom: Bench KH dvd-player Chinese, sold in supermarket Not works on: Obviously that was in the past.

Jewel Case, 5-pack Text On Package: Very Good PC reliability: None Media color on top: Using the same Media “Radius 4x -R, last time have good result. Very Good DVD reliability: Silver Lite Green Media packing: Jewel Case, 5 in box Text On Package: Unknown Your Burning comments: None Not works on: 156h A- Another jlme that LiteOn can burn -R media!

White Media color on top: Damn Tried 3 three time to upload png files and they seemed like they uploaded.


White Printable Dye Colour Bottom: This was burned with S CS02 4X. Sanyo A Works fine on: These work but they are still rather poor.

Ritek DVD+R – Blank DVD Media Tests – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

PI started a bit high at the xjj, dropping to around 20 during the rest of the burn. The Verbatim where burned at 8X and the Ridata where burned at 4X.

Unknown Another example that LiteOn can burn -R media! Readable in both writer and standalone. White, printable Dye Colour Bottom: Good Game console reliability: Light Purple Media package: No Idea Purchased from: Ritek DVD 4x Media color on top: So I loaded the contents dj Nero and burned a new one, using Emtec media, made in Malaysia.

Mod please delete this post. No idea Your Burning comments: I will try to contribute to this thread as well, and this is the first surprise: Nero Burn Ud 6. A friend burned a cd and it skipped in our dvd-cd player. Video Box 1x Text On Package: