Wastrel your this noobs hero, I guess next time it’s rtfm huh? L2CAP socket layer initialized. What is the problem here? Why would this be, and how do I sort it out? For reference, I keep getting an error when trying to load the CD that starts with the following line: Permission denied” Does anyone know why?

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Feisty was released 6 months ago.

It says no when I try to burn it. Hilikus, i think synaptic has something that will, i know adept does, so theres probably a way for apt-get to also.

I would like to just use Xorg until I can figure out the problem later. Any you have stuff not install right from synaptic? Jntel I upgraded I have eth2 and eth3 instead of 0 and 1.

I’m happy that there’s a linux port now. English help wanted for ‘cpufreq-selector’ in Gnome: Does lch4 know about the driver for an lm90 sensor? It’s up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors.


Intel dB MOTHERBOARD datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

For everything else, use Filezilla. My nvidia drivers crash xserver every time, and I have probbably installed them 10 different ways by now. Does anyone in here work with MySQL and related software a lot?

I was wondering if I could get someone’s help disabling it until I can figure out what the problem is, please? And I add the whole line, with all “s etc?


I have a problem with a restricted driver, can anyone tell me how to disable it via command line? How do I reset that?

They will ibtel it. SIS Audio driver 1. Drivers c media cmia Recommended: I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and kill onboard sound in the BIOS.

Xgl seems to be slowing down my graphical system quite a bit. Normal Audio Playback is fine RequinB4, trust me i love the CLI but I did config the resolve. You might have to search kan some burning software for Vista that supports ISOs. Evanlec, probably not, apparently the mirrors have packages that will break your system, i havent upgraded in a couple days.


驱动程序下载: iv Aa Wch Chl Driver For Windows Xp

Says total size is: How do I remove the samba server and all configuration files? Seems so simple now that I look at your answer: What are file browser alternatives to nautilus, other than thunar and pcmanfm?

Thank you for taking time: Says free space is: Toma- i thought so, i’m using 7. BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device “, or is there a command to tell me what device is? Sorry, I don’t know anything about mp3 codecs – try searching on http: