Once they were in the scanner, there were no problems whatever. When you choose “film” mode, a thin aperture is raised into place to guide the film strip into the machine. We found this to be good advice indeed, as the effect of the midtone slider was pretty profound, dramatically affecting the overall exposure. The Photoshop and PhotoSmart versions look much the same, but there are subtle differences, all of them favoring the PhotoSmart version. This is an incredible scanner for the price, and a great one at any price! Ideally, you’d want a sprinkling of both red and green indicators in your image, meaning that the lightest portions are just barely going all the way to “white”, and the darkest portions just barely going all the way to “black.

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Some scanners focus their optics automatically, while others require the user to do so, generally with the help of some feedback from the scanning software. The new software lets you make Image Adjustment settings for multiple frames of a film strip, and then shift-click to select photosmarf the frames for photlsmart scanning. HP Photosmart S20 Scanner. This new version of the PhotoSmart scanner digitizes a full 12 bits per channel, which gives it a good ability to hold detail in shadows on slides.

This is an incredible scanner for the price, and a great one at any price! We’d like to see a “sensitivity” adjustment somewhere to affect how strongly this control affects the image.

HP Photosmart S20 Scanner

These are buttons that activate the display shown in the screen shot above. Follow this link to find the package.


According to a photosmmart, this package is available for download on HP’s PhotoSmart website. While its basic functioning is the same, the new model uses the fast, easy-to-use USB port for much simpler connection to your computer.

It’s just one of those things you can never have too much of, like money or good looks!

Once the scanning software is launched, you’ll see a control panel like that shown below. My purchase had only the unit, the power cable and a USB cable. Filters are stored under names you give them, appearing in the “Filters” menu. The lowest-priced item that has been used pjotosmart worn previously.

Feed for negative strips can phootosmart a little balky at first; I had to learn the right touch. I was able to obtain software, drivers and a manual from HP’s site and am successfully running the scanner with Windows XP and a 1.

HP PhotoSmart S20 Photo Scanner

Residual specks can be eliminated with special software. In its price range, this is clearly one of the most capable units currently on the market. We did a very limited evaluation of Ed Hamrick’s VueScan programabout which we’ve generally heard very favorable comments on the rec.

The PhotoSmart Scanner handles essentially any form of 35mm photographic media, scanning images from prints, slides, and black and white or color negatives. When you select a particular media type, the motor whirs, and the front throat of the photosmary reconfigures itself to accept the chosen media: Message 4 of 8. Only with unusual film types the Royal Gold 25 House shotor images with really pathological exposure characteristics the Train picture were any adjustments needed.


This is very unusual in our experience! We didn’t have e20 to experiment much with the upgraded VueScan in this round of testing.

Solved: HP Photosmart S20 – HP Support Community –

I’ve tested one 4 frame negative strip and one 4 x 6 snapshot and have been impressed with those results as well. The PhotoSmart “Preview” screen: The Photoshop and PhotoSmart versions look much the same, but there are subtle differences, all of them favoring the PhotoSmart version.

Unless you need to scan photo prints larger than the 5×7 inch capacity of the S20, you won’t need any other input device to bring all your conventionally-photographed 35mm, anyway pictures into your computer: Even our ultra-high-res “House” sample, captured on Kodak Royal Gold 25 film was handled very well: The only feeding problem we had was with some very thick, glass-windowed slide mounts, which the feed rollers had a hard time gripping.

The USAF target results showed a maximum resolution of We were disappointed to discover that the new S20 didn’t ship with HP’s excellent “Photofinishing” software for handling image output. The downside of the device is that it is very slow. Other reviews on this site address the PhotoSmart C20 megapixel digital camera, and the PhotoSmart System taken as a whole, including the PhotoSmart printer.