With this in mind, I give the installation an 8 out of a possible To start the setup process, select “Install CDS” from the main menu. The results are shown below. By fully utilizing the empty space on a disc, the technology can greatly increase your chances of reading a damaged disc. It explains how to insert and eject DVD’s and how to get a disc out of the drive in case of an emergency. By looking at the picture below you can see the drive’s IDE interface, power connector and audio output connectors.

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LG’s new drive wasn’t as fast in our DAE tests. The higher the number, the greater the chance that you’ll be able to recover your data if the disc becomes damaged.

The instructions cover all the basics including how to set the jumpers, install the drive into an empty drive bay and hook up the cables. This helps to squeeze the maximum performance out of the CD.

These are the ones you should grab.

Bottom Line The GSA-H55L offers a slight speed boost over its predecessor for burning single and double-layer DVDs, and the SecurDisc technology makes it an attractive option for businesses that often need to ship discs between premises.

SecurDisc also increases reliability through a redundancy-based defect management system. This tries to mimic the activities of a person loading these programs onto their own computer. Fuji 48x Taiyo Yuden. As you can see, the drive had no problems reaching this speed in our tests.


GSA-H55N Support

This gave LG’s new “Super-Multi” drive an average writing speed of about While CPU, memory, OS and other variables don’t often make a huge difference, there are some nonetheless. For this test I used Pure Funk.

The connector on the far left is the digital audio output. Installing Nero 7 Essentials is pretty straightforward. If you do not have a key, Nero Express can generate one for you. The drive’s region can be changed five times and after that it cannot be changed anymore.

With this in mind, I dvv the gsq-h55l an 8 out of a possible The drive had no problems holding its own when writing to CD-R media. The results are shown below. In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons is too tempting to resist. The disc is over 4GB and single sided.

Encrypted discs are only accessible with a signature key or a password. Like a CD-ROM, you will get different benchmark results depending on what kind of discs you are using. The drive started reading at 5. Bay Required Total Qty.

LG GSA-H55L Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Australia

While the number of errors was very low, the scratches on the disc caused it to slow down considerably. Many people consider InCD to be one of the best packet writing tools because of its simplicity and performance. The drive read pressed and CD-R discs at speeds as high as 48x and had some fairly good seek times. I created about 8GB of random files and directories on my hard drive and then burned them to our test discs with Nero.


LG GSA-H55N Support: Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.S.A

When protected by SecurDisc, PDF’s can only be read from the original DVD and cannot be copied to other media without the correct duplication password. However, there is still room for improvement, especially when writing to DVD-R media at 20x.

It explains how to insert and eject DVD’s and how to get a disc out of the drive in case of an emergency. While LG’s new “Super-Multi” drive has a few rough spots, it performed pretty well throughout most of our tests.

With a speed rating gsa-h5l 20x for single-layer DVDs and 48x for CDs, the drive can get quite loud when operating at its maximum speeds and we did feel some vibration through our Lian Li PC test enclosure.

From here you read about the various applications, check out the manual or install the two software suites.