See “Using eSupport” on page 55 and “Telephone support” on page for service information. Be ready to claim your convertible tablet PC as soon as it passes through the x-ray machine in security checkpoints. Using the Start menu You can start programs, open files, customize your system, get help, search for files and folders, and more using the Start menu. Spend some time going through your old computer’s Start and Programs men us, making note of any programs you want to install on your new convertible tablet PC. If you are reinstalling programsfrom other program CDs, follow the installation instructions on each CD.

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By entering your serial number you get drivers specific to your convertible tablet PC. Laser printers are better than inkjet printers when mm275 are printing large documents. To completely turn off all convertible tablet PC power, turn your convertible tablet PC off, remove the battery, and disconnect the AC adapter from the electrical outlet.

Tablet Buttons Driver for Gateway M | PC Review

Connecting a digital camera You can connect most digital cameras to your convertible tablet PC’s USB port to transfer pictures. While the Disk Defragmenter program is running, do not use your keyboard or mouse because using them may continuously gatewxy and restart the defragmenting process.

Streaming audio and video files With a network, you can store audio files such as the popular. You do not need it!!!


A mixture of components rated at different speeds will result in your network running at the speed of the slowest rated component. Press and hold Fn, then press this system key Gateqay remote access information with you so you can connect to your ISP while outside of your usual calling area.

The case, although strong, is not made to support extra weight. Store extra pens in a drawer to avoid prolonged pressure on the pen tip. For more information, see “Connecting the modem” on page Caution A Back up your personal files before you use this option. Traveling by air Prepare for airport security by charging the battery in case Security asks you to start your butfon tablet PC.

Power Take your AC power adapter to recharge the battery. You can also use the memory card reader to transfer data between your convertible tablet PC and a device that uses memory cards, such as a PDA, M P3 player, or cellular telephone.

Gateway M275 Screen Orientation Proble

Alarms can alert you when the battery charge is low. Windows asks you if you are sure that you want to empty the bin. Gestures A gesture is a shape you draw with your convertible tablet PC pen to send a command to your convertible tablet PC.

The built-in speakers on your convertible tablet PC hutton turned buutton when speakers or headphones are plugged into this jack. After connecting, the Welcome window opens.


Internal wireless label A label similar to the following indicates your convertible tablet PC contains a wireless communications device. See “Changing advanced settings” on page for more information. Other specs are top-notch, too. To use the Start menu: For more information, see “Reinstalling device drivers” on page Business networks are typically built using Fast or Gigabit Ethernet components. The battery recalibration process begins and a screen opens showing you the progress.

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The Search Results window opens. In gateay, all information on aconvertible tablet PC is stored in files. Warning CD When working with peripheral devices or replacing memory modules, always follow installation instructions closely.

Position the pointer over the object. For the location of the SVideo out jack, see “Back” on vutton The message may help Gateway Technical Support in diagnosing and fixing the problem. Windows drives, folders, and files are organized in the same way as a real file cabinet in that they may have many levels usually many more levels than a filecabinet, in fact.