If a protocol family is specified, ifconfig will report only the details specific to that pro- tocol family. If the vlan 4 interface already has a physical interface associated with it, this command will fail. Depending on the policy setting association requests from the specified station will be allowed or denied. By default meshgate is disabled. Not all adapters support changing the transmit power. When the failover occurs, requests to the service on the shared IP address can only be answered correctly if the backup server has access to the same content. The card must be configured as root.

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This is required for straight transitions to forwarding and should be enabled on a direct link to another RSTP capable switch. A freebs setting of tdmabintval causes the timers to be resynchro- nized more often; this can be help if significant timer drift is observed. Note the underlying device and driver must support radar detection for full DFS support to work. On stations in a BSS this parameter is read- only and indicates the setting received from the access point.


FreeBSD Manual Pages

When no arguments are given, -a is implied. This is the IP multicast group address the interface will join.

The following parameters are for compatibility with other freebed The following parameters are meaningful only when WME support is in use. This overrides any automatic selection done by the system. By default meshpeering is enabled.

Fill interface index lowermost 64bit of an IPv6 address automatically. Want to link to this manual page?

Comment 5 wout Background scanning is controlled by the bgscanidle and bgscanintvl parameters. This example configures failover support with three hosts, all with unique IP addresses, but providing the same web content.

When DWDS is enabled on a station, traffic with a destination address different from the peer station are encapsulated in a fm0 frame and transmitted to the peer.

Refer to the interfaces’ driver specific documentation or man page for a complete list of the available types. Acceptable values for vhid are 1 to The default is By default tdmaslotcnt is set to 2.

DFS support is mandatory for some 5GHz frequencies in certain locales e. The minimum is 1 second and the maximum is 2 seconds.

5. Network Configuration

To disable WME support, use -wme. Double check the cable connections. Wed Jul 18 Refer to the man feeebsd for the specific driver for more information. A private inter- face does not forward any traffic to any other port that is also a private interface. The operating mode of a cloned interface cannot be changed. New IP Address em1: The default is entries. This rate should be valid for the current operating condi- tions; if an invalid rate is specified drivers are free to chose an appropriate rate.


By default packet bursting is enabled if a device is capable of doing it. By default the max powersave sleep time is TU’s. By default, the device is left to handle this if it is capable; otherwise, the operating system will automati- cally attempt to freebse communication. WOL is a facil- ity whereby a machine in a low power state may be woken in response to a received packet.