To start the board health monitor, execute: In this mode, the test server detaches from your console and does not display any output. The availability of the line speed depends also on the gateway or the remote IP Fax terminal. Total amount of established connections. They are indicated to the application as V. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

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Eicon 800-201 Diva Server BRI-2M PCI Rev 1.0

Cross-board switching via line interconnect. Standard variable that can be read or written.

Note that this option will increase fax connection time and should only be used if necessary. Possible board states are: The trace file browser allows for decoding, filtering, and browsing the trace file without downloading this file to your machine and without stopping the trace process.

Online servef is available for any system configuration option. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. To configure the softIP board, click the drop down menu next to the resource board and select softIP Configuration.

System requirements

Indicates status of the connection. The dash – denotes left justification. You can invoke the support procedure in two modes: This file can be used by the Dialogic Customer Support to extract debug information and analyze the board’s state.


You can use the call history viewer to decode the divalog file call time, duration, type, speed and view this information without downloading the call history file to your local machine. If you click the link, a page appears with help for this parameter.

The transfer rate will appear in real time and be updated every time 64 Kbytes of data have been transferred.

Dialogic Eicon Diva Server BRI-2M-PCI ISDN card | eBay

Thus 0xffffffff is set as the initial receive ACCM. D-channel active or inactive. In bri-2m-pcci case, the Diva softIP software license can be installed on both VMs, but you need to make sure that only one of the VMs is active, otherwise it may cause a MAC address conflict and the network communication may be interrupted. Default value is “- o”.

A single byte frame 0x27 indicates or issues an empty frame in V. Hides the served pages” information field in the fax message. In this case, the files should be in G3 format and will be transmitted as consecutive pages of the same fax document.


Timeticks measured from start of divasnmpx.

Diva Media Boards use their internal memory to store document data. The number should be in the range Set the local system name user roadrunner Provide the address of your DNS server ms-dns AT command [a] [b]. Based on the information from the management interface it is possible to clear calls that meet specific criteria, e.

Dialogic Diva BRI (ISDN) Media Boards by Sangoma

Switches to data mode. The first logical Diva Media Board is the “master” board. Mobile by Morgan Little Oct 26, If you click Board configuration on the left side, the following page opens.

Serial number of Diva Media Board. Delay for AT-command response ms. The received document will be saved in the rcv. Specify offset for ifIndex. Maximum data frame length.