My conclusion, for what it’s worth yes, I recognize the testing was far from rigorous: This is a fairly impressive result—especially via USB. Generally errors of less than 1 dB are considered acceptable while higher errors are usually audible. The UCA sounded good. You will be able to monitor through the speakers or the headphones. I almost had to crank it all the way up, but it worked: Thanks for the comments on the UCA

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NwAvGuy March 7, at 9: But I’m betting you would find nothing but the amp’s usual aaio amount of residual distortion and noise. In your opinion based on these specs, would the UCA be able to drive the s? Can each mic input be assigned an individual track with the PT session?


To select my card, i used F6 in alsamixer. So to my question: NwAvGuy July 24, behringef 8: This has been discussed already, but if you already have a UCA adding the E5 is a great improvement.

It is breath and breath like ugly electric buzz noise is clearly audible when the level of useful signal is a bit low. It records fine with the internal mic. So, what do you think? You can’t just que up a track and play it on two audio devices at the same time allowing switching back and forth between them in real time.


Make sure ucs200 are no SOLO buttons engaged.

Sort by most recent most useful. NwAvGuy May 6, at 4: NwAvGuy January 17, at 7: No signal at all, no wave, no recorded sound.

It also improved a bit the highs, and the stereo imaging over my VTS onboard less stereo crosstalk, perhaps? Ask a question Reset. There is some evidence that phase shift and transient response correspond to changes in imaging.

Optical is the best way to go for computer audio to isolate the computer ground from your audio system’s ground. As it is now, I have to keep switching cables from the line out to different devices for different listening purposes.

It made me service for a while, but I’m going to buy a real change made to interface the real sound How about even lower: However when I add a dvd player at the RCA input, there is no output from behrimger output. In the review, you say about power supply noise “especially for a device running from famously noisy USB power” and “The power supply looks to be reasonably well filtered. But could you tell me how do i control sample rate and asio buffer size? hehringer

drivers – Behringer ASIO audio card in Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

Phase shift is a behrinver measurement from the input to the output. In this case the trick was just re-scanning the audio devices. I look forward to a desktop version that doesn’t have the spare space for batteries. That said, I’m also planning to test the Asus Xonar U3 relatively soon.


Behringer USB Interface UCA 200

Thanks for the comments on the UCA Nonetheless, if it suits you, you can also connect the MAIN outs of the Xenyx to your Mbox thus increasing your channel inputs from two to four, of course, if you don’t mind the four channels coming into the Mbox already mixed and reproducing the same mixed signal on both sides of the stereo field.

I know you can do that with many other media players for Windows. I have a bunch of Behringer gear – including two UCA’s for laptop recording and listening, and I am very happy with them – and that gear serves well and sounds great under most conditions, but under certain conditions they might not stand up to the performance levels of more expensive gear, all due respect to the testing described above.