It’s a simple and elegant looking unit with a tiny footprint. Sign up for free , it takes 30 seconds. In this episode we will be discussing Pandora and Shazam get sold, Sony caves in to the Fortnight pressure and a few reasons why you might want to stay indoors this fall. Being my first time in such a small enclosure I was impress to see how much Asrock was about to fit in here. In the case of the Ion we see they are numerous. It satisfies you with the high quality audio and visual environment. For connecting to a network a hard-wired LAN is provided.

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The Ion ‘ vidro is simple but sleek. Here you can play cleopatra slots online or visit this site about online casinos at Australia aucasinosonline.

Instead, we put the new baby on show and put together an unboxing and undressing video to really get up close and personal with the new tiny PC.

Intel Atom Specifications: This is miniscule compared to the power draw of even an energy-efficient LCD television, let alone a power-hungry PlayStation 3 or Xbox The Ion is based on the Nvidia Ion chipset obviously. Subscribe asrrock our Newsletter.

Asrock Ion 330HT-BD Nettop Review

The CPU usage shown in task manager says that we still have resources left over to multi-task a little. You viideo not have high definition playback with out the right connections. This model is one of two that ASrock produces. I would have sacrifice two of them to the front but I won’t get on that soapbox again. And to my surprise we were granted by a beautiful picture and wonderful sound.


Asrock Ion running on 42″ TFT with HDMI – video dailymotion

It all asrodk on how you build up such a rig. For major storage input as well as other devices there are a total of six USB ports. Stay up to date with the latest reviews.

View our privacy policy before signing up. If a computer can calculate PI to the 32 millionth place after the decimal without a mistake, it is considered moderately stable in terms of RAM and CPU performance. On the outside, ASRock also decided to throw in a customized Media Center remote control for good measure. Continuing the tour around to the back of the system we see all the inputs in which the unit has to offer. If you are wanting support then there is the high in demand HDMI connection that will also carry audio through the television or a digital receiver.

The Ion does not come with the most detailed BIOS out there but it does allows you to enable and disenable major components of the system.

Asrock Ion HT-BD Nettop Review > The Trouble with Atom – TechSpot

Typical are the audio inputs but the visuals are ported through a HDMI connection. For connecting to a network a hard-wired LAN is provided. And if that isn’t enough they take up less room than the SFF rigs.

The model we got was the black one. The combination of the Intel Dual Atom processor and the Nvidia Ion graphic and chipset is the ideal solution for anyone needing a smaller form factor setup for whatever reason.


Asrock Ion 330 running on 42″ TFT with HDMI

Pandora is Magically Sold! The dual-core Atom provided extra guts, but the chipset constraint would still drag it down for any other potential uses. The Trouble with Atom For all the praise and support the Intel Atom processor has received so far, there is just one big problem that all solutions based on it have had to face from day one: By comparing your score with those submitted by millions of other gamers you can see how your gaming rig performs, making it easier to choose the most effective upgrades or finding other ways to optimize your system.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Chances are a lot of individuals would purchase this type of setup for one of two reasons: And the Nettop them.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. ASRock’s diminutive Ion HT-BD ‘nettop’ media centre is brilliant if you’re an avid movie watcher with a large collection of digital media or Blu-ray discs. This is the route we took as it is the best for video playback.