Press icon to choose. It’s memory is terrible, it’s DAMN slow and it has an app called Apps that can download potentially harmful apps onto the device – there was a warning sign from Google Play stores when I was scanning my device!! Mine is being one of the best phones I’ve had, and I run my own business supplying I. Yes 0 No 1. The first time you turn on the phone, you will see a welcome screen.

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Or you may need to insert a SIM card or configure details for a specific carrier. Yes 6 No 3. Please read your companies first reply. You can view screenshots by tapping on the thumbnail in the notification tray or by visiting your Gallery app.

Push power button and Volume down button at the same time for a couple of seconds. Why would I want a third Idol 4 phone if I’ve had the same problems the biggest is it getting too hot to touch? HOw do you set up the phone if it has been set up by someone else before you? I’ve not found one thing I hate or that doesn’t work, I can’t understand why others have had so many problems.


To activate Vibrate, press the down volume key until you feel the phone vibrate. Well, I must be the luckiest Pixi 4 owner in the world lol. Ron, is there anything else that we can assist with? It’s a safety problem. In their first reply on Crickets Facebook page. Switch to the dialer. How can I change ringtone to vibration?

Airis Model 8050d Parts and accessories

You can always 850d our page for discounted devices on upgrade. Please contact your service provider to enable multi-conference call service for your SIM card.

How can I set up phone settings when the first time I turn on the Alcatel phone?

If you have had issues with the same device 2 times then the 3rd one we recommend asking for another device. How can I use quick settings? Yes 1 No 0. Yes 2 No 1.

alcatel Pixi 4 (6) – User opinions and reviews

Warranty said they could only replace with the same phone. I’m scared that the battery May blow up at some point. November edition Smartphone buyer’s guide. I’ve read up about this phone.


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Warranty said customer services could replace my idol 4 with a different phones went back to customer services. Yes, the camera is not great at all.

I’ve had Alcatel customer service admit to knowing about the problem, They also said that the Idol 5 came out because of the problem and that they fixed it.

Put the other party on hold. We are unable to provide you with a different phone for free. Can you help me with getting a different phone?? Either there training is so bad or the company tells them, employees, to give their customers the run around till they give up.

You can start to set up your phone by following the instructions.

You also have the option to skip some steps during the process. To disable all data and file transfer connection with computer and put device in charging only mode, select Charging mode.