I also didn’t bother to re-boot, and it seems fine. Win Pro- 3dfxvgl. Any help would be greatly appreciated. That worked for me thanks Vasco. Please tell me they’ll put it in eventually; the reason I’m using the 7 RC is because XP crapped out on me; I really don’t have much to go back to. RTCW does doesn’t work on my computer with Voodoo3 Please, if somebody has any information, send me one e.

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Copy the extracted 3dfxVGL.

Hello, looks like a “phantom device” problem to me. Second voodoo anything is not officially supported by medal of honor or pretty much ANY of the new games since 3dfx has been DEAD for some time now. I get the same problem Deb has, ” But how can I fix it?

I had a SLI Voodo2 setup. After you download the compressed file, unzip it to a convenient location on your computer. So you can dynamicly load 3dfxgl driver!

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Busco direct 3d tm para quake2y3 unrial. Nevermind, I cleaned up the registry files using well regclean.


While I had assumed it was fault on the part of Windows 7, it now seems to me that the problem lies 3dfxvg, Intel’s lack of legacy support The file and the associated OpenGL 1. I tried Vasco’s solution but when I go to http: Win 98 i installed medal of honor it downloaded fine.

Urban Terror Forums: Open Gl Problem windows 7 – Urban Terror Forums

After these steps the game will work on XP too!! I have tryed to find it on the net but.

How can I get it? I have downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers and tried to install. I’ve asked around everywhere and from what I can gather from responses, Windows has pulled a little of its OpenGL support for older versions and hardware which I have both and expected graphics manufacturers to pick up the slack if they so choose. This error indicates a trouble initializing your 3D graphics card. I’ve tried about everything possible. Josef Zavada j-o-s-e-f seznam. If anyone knows how general these drivers are let us know.


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It would be much appreciated. I need help with my computer. I think this resolve ur problems Along the top of the tool click on the tab that says Display. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Any ideas of what I can do to get this to work. Specifically, finding a pixelformat Thanks a million vasco!

Open Gl Problem windows 7 – Urban Terror Forums

In order to fix dll related errors, you need to copy the. You must download the new drivers of the card ; i give you the URL of the drivers http: Resources for IT Professionals. Not an IT pro? Maybe that is the problem?