Might need a deep google look: Admin April 14, at Force Feedback Driver for Xbox 1. I mean the vibration force is opposite e. Kerry Tuodeinye Saturday, 21 January at

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Am so so sorry for late reply An Item Manager Rated 4.

Force Feedback Device | Microchip

Researchers are also developing forec feedback controllers to let people “feel” the Internet as they surf. Anonymous Sunday, 12 March at I’ve never had any problem running this stick in Win 7 with the few games I’ve tried. Windows 10 x64 doesn’t have vibration test. That is to say they will not vibrate or rumble. A software developer, technology enthusiast and a big fan of Hideo Kojima.

Additional terms Xbox Live code of conduct Terms of transaction. Hi there, it’s nice to see someone have interest in this particularly rare development.

Here is a little video feecback what I had working: Return to Center works fine with default drivers.

I lowered my landing gear to land – and the joystick lurched again! It’s something whereas before there was nothing, which means there’s a way yet for more – but I’m happy with what I’ve got!


Nothing else seemed to trigger it besides landing gear – and then my right engine died and the feedgack kicked with it. Force feedback controller technology could lead to significant changes in industrial machinery, wheelchairs and other equipment for handicapped people, and even medical care. Apu Tuesday, 13 December at Admin July 23, at 6: I haven’t tried in other games.

Admin April 25, at 8: Admin March 1, at 6: Daniel wahinya July 8, at 1: I recently installed Windows 8. I’m very tempted to resume my progress in my firmware.

How Joysticks Work

Great work i tried it and works for me. Mranal Shinde March 29, at 7: The X-axis and Y-axis shafts connected to the stick both engage a belt pulley. It only shows a settings tab and a test tab. Now I hope that I will overcome this problem with you internet guys, as no one in my locality can help me. generci

Download Link: UCOM and other Cheap (Chinese) Controller Vibration / Force Feedback Drivers

Windows 10 is missing the vibration test tab. The good side is, this Ucom controllers also work perfectly with the XboxCE application, hence those games you’ve been emulating xbox controllers for, would now support Vibration.


Nitish January 3, at 9: I had a Logitech force feedback joystick but it broke pretty quickly. This can result genfric an immediate ban. I will also upload some of the force feedback programs I used to test out my device so that you can get a better idea of how data is transmitted in and out of the USB port.

It’s amazing to see this project is continued, thank you very much! Hi DarioG, I remember you helping me out a lot on these forums during the time I was developing the firmware.