I didn’t see the Violation at all with just the 1. Sign in Already have an account? With Windows 8 installed the delay is still there, but only for about 35 seconds. Asus P5Q deluxe Sun Feb 01, 8: It would have been better to post just a part of the screenshot by cutting out just the essential part.

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I’m going to wipe the drive tonight and see what happens. Already have an account? Are there any type of cache settings to change? Sign in Already have an account? Zitat Also I have a phantom 8Gb drive in disk management I saw a post with someone else having the same asux.

ASUS P5Q PRO TURBO can’t access SATA HDD on windows

I tried to use this: Shortened the text my using the spoiler method. Tagan TGU33 W Anyone knows what could be causing this, any tips for further troubleshooting, possible motherboard defect?

Maybe there is a way to add the srive to the safely remove hardware list. The reason mentioned above ahcu be used.

Windows 8 and Asus P5Q Pro Turbo | Motherboard Forums

Thanks mate I’ll give it a try. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


It doesn’t matter if chipset drivers or anything is installed afterwards. I’m just trying to understand what hardware is on my board cause with all these rom numbers and driver numbers it gets confusing.

Anybody had any experience with it yet? Bill Anderson, Jul 12, The XP Setup error message “Could not find file xyz” has nothing to do with the modification of the driver unless the modification has not been done correctly. Now the asud thing is that this happens also with a complete reinstallation of Win 7, without any further third party drivers installed. Have you looked into the “Properties” of the Disk 4?

I had to use Windows compatibility mode to install anything from the P5Q’s installation disk. Posted September 22, We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action!

Check in the Bios to make sure the SI controller is enabled, and see if the the drive s is seen in the bios when hooked up to it. The caddy is now seen in the BIOS, but I still have the issue of the drive staying there when disconnected.


Each of them is independent of each other, and uses its own driver. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Posted September 21, There is something missing in that screenshot, everytime I go to the disk manger it asks me if I want to initialize the phantom disk.

However I can’t get a screenshot as the program only displays 1 update now despite me not choosing to update yet. Bill Anderson, Jul 11, Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. L73 – Update Marvell Yukon to v6. Actually, when I tried to boot with all the drives connected, I got a warning screen saying I had a “DPC Watchdog Violation” and that I should look it up if I wanted to know what that meant.

Only cosmetic type modifications are needed, but not necessary. Sign In Sign Up. Cooler Scythe Mugen 4. Thanks, but I’m pretty sure turno the main problem is not the 8.