Who needs a Physics processor? In all likelihood — I will. Views Read Edit View history. Will I ever purchase a product from Nvidia again? This uses caches rather than scratchpads , but still manages to achieve high throughput. Physics has been one of those industry buzzwords for a while now, and it looks like the company that raised the awareness could well be on the road to acquisition.

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Customize The Tech Report They are different — but you are using them for two completely different tasks — each of which they were designed for. These copper and aluminium behemoths block whichever slot is adjacent to them with impunity.

Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. Ageeia my ppy, I have one at the present time that will be moved over into my 3rd slot for PhysX, and when the new DX11 cards come out, I will be buying 2 of those, and I have 2 Blue 16x slots ready for them.

The pph watt power consumption requires the card to have a 4-pin Molex power connector on the card you can see it on the upper right of the image. Mail will not be published required. Is it a boycott?

AGEIA PhysX Physics Processing Unit Preview | PC Perspective

Written by Geoff Richards. Not only is he gonna loose PhysX, he gonna waste his money on shipping on top of that! This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. A chip this size and this complex isn’t going to come cheap, at least not in its current form.


Its feature-set and placement within the system is geared toward accelerating game update tasks including physics and AI; it can offload such calculations working off its own ageiw stream whilst the CPU is operating on something else. Back to news index:: The term was coined by Ageia to describe its PhysX chip.

AGEIA PhysX Physics Processing Unit Preview

Data dependency Structural Control False sharing. It turns out though that our hardware was a little glitchy, so we’re having a little revisit.

Or was the wrong screenshot posted? At first blush, physics seems like a pretty good candidate for hardware acceleration. This software fallback is key to Ageia’s world domination plans. I KNEW what was coming, becasue i was beta testing the Nvidia drivers that were coming, and knew it was gonna block illegal users attempting to use unsuppoted hardware.

November 1 October 2 April 3 March 3 January 2. As of today we also have several videos playing Ghost Recon: Written by Geoff Richards. This uses caches rather than scratchpadsbut still manages to achieve high throughput.


Ageia’s PhysX physics processing unit – The Tech Report – Page 2

Or if they have an old Ageia PPU like myself. It is an example of ageua acceleration. The latter were the first to supply us with a shipping retail boxed hardware, the unit we are reviewing today. Zogrim 1 Oct 09 at On the software front, Ageia has its PhysX API that game developers can use to access a range of physics capabilities.

If I install any drivers newer than 8. Zogrim 29 Oct 09 at 6: The list of upcoming PhysX-fortified titles is long, but easily most prominent among them are Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Tournament That just puts a bad taste in my mouth in general.

The PhysX PPU uses aageia local buffer to store a current state of the world, and as applications grow in their use of physics and complexity, the additional memory will be very useful.

The amount and speed of the memory on the card might suprise some of you as well, as many of you are still running on GPUs with MB of memory!