Therefore, I don’t need to wear a seatbelt, right? Probably because 3 marketing terabyte minus 2. I was just trying to work in within my budget and make what I had work When I discuss with my customers how their arrays have been operating a year to 3 years after the initial install, they have always reported that only a disk or two has failed. Joined Nov 21, Messages 6 Thanks 0. The Google study showed a REALLY impressive correlation for drives from certain batches failing in groups; you can of course ignore that and you’re probably okay, unless you happen upon one of those bad batches, in which case you are totally screwed. I’m fairly certain that ZFS is the way to go.

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If I don’t like it, I’ll go back to the phenom II motherboard and cpu.

I also ordered another non-raid sata controller so I can add more drives. Obvisously not enough ram to run ZFS. I mean, the number of times my life has been saved by a seatbelt in my car is zero. Max Storage Devices Qty. To change this, the unit has to be recreated. But I’m going to advise people that this is risky, and I’m certainly going to speak up when someone actually suggests it as though it’s a best practice.

I have 5 seagate 2 TB drives. This is really looking like it would be a big kludge, a motherboard controller and two additional but differant controllers. This is not new or unusual advice. Great features and good sound, but fills a narrow niche Great features and good sound, but 3wate a narrow niche by Ty Pendlebury.


Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Your competitors thank you too. Hopefully, if you can get a replacement controller, you might still be able to recover the array. I took the s out, and started experimenting with ZFS using the 4 sata ports on the motherboard. You’ve both provided good advice in helping me through this process.

The bottom line is, whatever mathematical possibility there exists through same-run disks, it can be easily combatted with parity and hot spares. As someone who’s been watching acceleration technologies and remembers things like PrestoServe with 3dare and disgust, I have to say there’s something nice about just throwing RAM, SSD, and cheap disk at the issue and watching it go away I haven’t been able to find a 8 port rosewill to replace the rc card.

I installed the card and made sure the firmware version matched that on the dead card and powered off. I have a gigabyte m68mt-2sp motherboard with an AMD phenom x2 3. You are flashing the BIOS on the card with no drives attached aren’t you? There is an firmware update for the SE controller v4.

3ware 9500S-8 RAID controller failure? Uh-oh.

I get paid to make sure things work the way they’re supposed to, and a storage system is supposed to be reliable and available. Isn’t that an improvement? Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Sign up using Email and Password. I do see your point regarding the mean-time-to-failure of 3wafe factory built disks being similar, but that’s what parity and hot spares are for.


3ware s-8 8 Ports SATA RAID Controller Card | eBay

When you get that 3dare, that is. Palo Alto, CA Registered: So I tried a couple of things, got some advice and learned some things. Another resource I found here explains the limit is caused by bit LBA.

Why do the 3TB drives report smaller than the 1TB drive listed as I got the “Complete 9.

3ware 9500S-4LPの設定

It’ll make them double check the compatibility before they answer you. So take advantage 3awre the modern era, make your data safe, use a heterogeneous mix of drives if you want to improve reliability. I wouldn’t build a software array from disks connected to various controllers.